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Central Coast Council Community Support Grant Program 2023/24

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Central Coast Council Community Support Grant Program, 2021/22

1. What is the Community Support Grant Program?

The Community Support Grant Program is provided to support the community to deliver activities which require a small amount of funding and/or assistance with Council Services.
The Community Support Grant Program remains open throughout the year to provide assistance for community activities that require:
Support through the provision of subsidised access to Council services.
Council recognises that the fees and charges associated with the delivery of activities, events and projects may place limitations on the community’s ability to deliver services. This Program supports the recipient to access Council services assistance.
Financial assistance for community activities that require a smaller amount of support.
This program enables applicants to apply for funding support in a quicker response time.

2. Available Funding

Total funding available per financial year is $300,000.
Up to $5,000.00 per project, per financial year, in combined funding and/or assistance with Council Services

3. Key Dates

The Community Support Grant Program remains open for applications throughout the year and the closing date for each assessment period is the last day of each month.
The Community Support Grant Program is time limited and will cover activities that are able to be completed within an eighteen (18) month timeframe from notification of funds being allocated.
Applications are scheduled for a Council meeting approximately two (2) months after the application closing date.
ANY variation to project scope or timeframe must obtain prior approval in writing from Central Coast Council.

4. Expected Program Outcomes

Each application is required to address a minimum of one of the following community outcomes:

4.1 Increase the number of community members who feel safe, included and welcome to participate in community life.

4.2 Enhance a sense of local identity.

4.3 Improve local facilities.

4.4 Enhance positive social and cultural outcomes for local communities.

4.5 Conserving and protecting the natural environment.

5. Types of Activities/Projects Supported

5.1 Road closure for events.

5.2 Waste services for events.

5.3 Hire of Council venues.

5.4 50% subsidy of the ordinary component for community owned facilities.

5.5 Hire of Council equipment.

5.6 Development Application Fees.

5.7 Minor infrastructure improvements to enhance accessibility or safety within a neighbourhood amenity or public space.

5.8 Tools, equipment, or support to further a volunteer-based community enterprise.

5.9 Projects that allow the community to come together, celebrate and socialise.

5.10 Minor sporting, community, arts and cultural activities/events.

5.11 Projects that include the hire or purchase of non-fixed equipment and material that provides a demonstrated community benefit beyond the life of the grant (request for purchase of equipment needs to demonstrate how the equipment relates to the event/project/activity).

5.12 Cost of Public Liability insurance linked directly to the project.

6. Eligibility

6.1 Applicants must be a legally constituted not-for-profit organisation or be auspiced by a legally constituted not-for-profit organisation.

6.2 A modest auspice fee will be considered for legally constituted not-for-profit organisations who auspice an applicant.

6.3 Applicants must operate within the Central Coast area and/or be able to demonstrate benefits for Central Coast residents, workers and/or visitors.

6.4 All applicants must meet the grant program eligibility criteria and address one or more program outcomes.

6.5 Only one application per project, per financial year, may be successful in obtaining funding across any of Council’s grant funding programs.

6.6 Central Coast based community run emergency service entities that are part of Government Departments and Agencies such as RFS, SES and VRA.

6.7 Rates subsidy is only available for community facilities that provide a community service to residents of the Central Coast. All rates must have been paid in full and rebates are only available for 50% of the ordinary rates component.


7. The Following Are Ineligible

7.1 Incomplete applications.

7.2 Proposals from Government Departments, agencies or any Council with the exception of Central Coast based community run emergency service entities.

7.3 Proposals from employees or Councillors of Central Coast Council (both in a paid or voluntary capacity).

7.4 Expenditure for equipment not related to the specific project proposed.

7.5 Events, projects, or activities with a religious, political or sectarian purpose, where that purpose may exclude or offend members of the broader community.

7.6 Applications seeking funds for projects of a commercial nature that is for profit or that raise funds for philanthropic purposes for other organisations

7.7 Applications seeking funds for retrospective projects and activities commencing, or project items purchased, prior to one (1) month from the end of the grant closing date. (For example, an application submitted in July must commence no sooner than 1 September to be eligible).

7.8 Proposals that duplicate a project, service or activity already existing within the Local Government Area.

7.9 A project, event, service, or activity which in the opinion of the assessment panel would be better funded by State or Federal Government, or by corporate sponsorship or a philanthropic trust.

7.10 Proposals that are for funding the core business of the organisation.

7.11 Applications for purchases or expenses related to privately owned items.

7.12 Applications that do not have asset owner consent, if applicable.

7.13 Applications seeking funds for projects which may have an adverse impact on neighbouring residents or businesses.

7.14 Applications seeking funds for existing salaries or waged positions not related specifically to the proposed project.

7.15 Applications seeking funds for benefits such as travel, meal or accommodation costs including costs to undertake activity outside or to the Local Government Area.

7.16 Applications seeking funds for goods or services to ‘on-sell’.

7.17 Applications seeking funds for prize money and gift vouchers.

7.18 Funds for fees to attend a conference, congress, or seminar.

7.19 General fundraising events/appeals

7.20 Existing projects or programs that require additional funding.

7.21 Applicants in a position to self-fund the project.

7.22 A project, event, service, or activity which primarily benefits a single, individual, or business.

7.23 Purchase of land or buildings

7.24 Applicants who have an unresolved debt to Council.

7.25 Applicants with an overdue acquittal or who have failed to appropriately acquit a previous Council grant.

7.26 A project, event, service or activity which in the opinion of the assessment panel does not comply with Council’s Sustainable Event Management Policy and Sustainable Events Guidelines.


Where alternative funding options exist for any of the above exclusions, applicants will be advised accordingly.

8. Assessment Criteria

Each application will be assessed as follows:

8.1 Project Outcomes-  Applicant addresses an identified program outcome as outlined in Section four (4). 

8.2 Budget-The funding request has a clear beginning and end or demonstrates that any ongoing or recurrent costs can be met by the applicant once grant funding has been expended.

8.3 Community Support-The project budget is comprehensive and realistic. Demonstrates all co-contributions (organisation, sponsors, and other grant funding sources) and required quotes are provided with value for money demonstrated.

8.4 Sustainability - The project has a clear beginning and demonstrates where practical that any ongoing or recurrent costs of the project can be met by the community group once grant funding has been expended.

8.5 Capacity-As funding is limited, not every application that meets the assessment criteria will necessarily be successful with being allocated support or the full support requested.

 As funding is limited, not every application that meets the assessment criteria will necessarily be successful with being allocated support or the full support requested.

9. Assessment Process

Applications are only accepted online through Central Coast Council’s website and the appropriate online application form. Assistance is provided to any group or individual if requested to ensure access and support with the online system.

9.1 All applications will be assessed by a Grants Review Panel and recommendations presented to Council for endorsement. 9.3 Central Coast Council reserves the right to request further information in considering any application as well as the right to reject any application that does not meet the criteria.

9.2 Council reserves the right to award an amount less than that applied for if it is assessed that the amount requested is not justified by the information provided in the application or the full amount is not available at the time of the request.

9.3 Applications may be assigned to another grants program as part of the assessment process if the original funding program selected by the applicant is not deemed the most appropriate for the initiative.

9.4 All decisions of Central Coast Council are final, and no negotiations will be entered into.


10. Notification and Payment

10.1 All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within 60 days of close of the round.

10.2 Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to seek feedback from Council’s Grants Team on their application. Some grant programs are highly competitive and even though an application may meet the program criteria it may not be competitive against other applications

10.3 Successful applicants are required to review successful letter issued including a funding condition set out in the letter. Council reserves the right to withhold funding if stipulated grant conditions as per the successful letter are not met.

10.4 All projects must be completed as per council resolution set out in the successful letter. Please note that Council funding may only be used as agreed with Council and may not be diverted to other line items. Projects or purposes. A request to divert funds must be submitted in writing for approval.

10.5 The organisation will provide to Council a final project report (grant acquittal). The report is due within twelve (12) weeks of the end to eh project, as per application, or date of payment, whichever is the latest. The report must detail the outcomes and expenditure of funds granted and must include evidence of expenditure as detailed in the acquittal template.

10.6 Applicants who do not complete and return a final project report (grant acquittal) by dates agreed will be ineligible for any future funding.

11. Additional Information

The following documentation will be required to be provided with your application:

11.1 A copy of your most recent audited financial statements (or a statement of income and expenditure signed by your finance manager if your organisation is not subject to audit requirements).

11.2 Your organisation’s most recent Annual Report - minimum of Form A12, if this is your annual reporting obligation to NSW Fair Trading.

11.3 A copy of your organisation’s Certificate of Incorporation or evidence of being a legally constituted not-for-profit organisation or Authority to Fundraise from the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing if you haven’t supplied an ABN.

11.4 A copy of your organisation’s Public Liability insurance certificate or a written quotation for public liability insurance cover for $20 million.

11.5  Applicants are required to provide two quotes for each item valued at $1,000.00 or more for capital works and / or equipment.

11.6 Offer of funds by Council in no way implies any ongoing funding commitment or obligation by Central Coast Council.

11.7 Approval of a grant does not imply that Central Coast Council has given any other consent. Applicants should note that many festivals and events require approvals and consents from Central Coast Council, NSW Police and other state government agencies.

11.8 To ensure an accountable and transparent assessment process is maintained, Council staff and funding assessors are required to declare any potential pecuniary or non-pecuniary conflict of interest.

11.9  All written and verbal communication regarding an application will only be with the applicant or the contact person listed in the application.

11.10 Any grant agreement involving Council funding of an event must demonstrate compliance with Councils Sustainable Event Management Policy.

All grants are governed by Central Coast Council’s Community Grants Policy.